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Terms of Service
Current Sofnet Terms and Conditions

The Sofnet service is provided on an "as is, as available" basis, no warranties, expressed or implied, including but not limited to those of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, are made with respect to Sofnet or any information or software therein.

1.  Sofnet service is dependent on services provided to Sofnet by telecommunications carriers and as such, Sofnet, Inc. nor it's information providers will be responsible for any damage you suffer due to loss of service or your inability to use the service. Sofnet, Inc. is not responsible for any costs associated with accessing Sofnet service including, but not limited to, telephone charges or equipment costs.

2.  Sofnet, Inc. service is intended for lawful purpose and any illegal activity detected will be reported to law enforcement, as well as result in termination of service.

3.  Sofnet, Inc., at its sole business judgement, may terminate this agreement and suspend access to User's account(s).

4.  Any access to Sofnet, Inc. is governed by current rules and regulations posted on Sofnet, Inc. Web Server and in agreeing to the terms of this contract you are also agreeing to those rules and regulations. Sofnet reserves the right to change without notice the Sofnet service including but not limited to rates, access procedure, hours of operation, menu structure, commands, documentation, and services offered. These changes shall be considered effective upon publication in either Sofnet's Web Site or printed literature. User's continued use of the Sofnet service shall constitute User's acceptance of the modifications to this agreement implied in fact.

5.  Any access to other networks through Sofnet, Inc. must comply with the rules of that network.

6.  Sofnet, Inc. is not responsible for the purchase of goods, services, or any transactions that occurs on Sofnet, Inc. Servers or any other server that you might use.

7.  Accounts are invoiced 15 days in advance. Any account that is unpaid after due will be disconnected and full payment plus a $10.00 activation fee is required to reactivate the account.

8.  You may cancel at any time, it must be via e-mail or postal mail. No refunds are provided and service will be terminated upon the end of your current paid billing cycle. Canceling service does not release you from charges that have already been incurred.

9.  Sofnet, Inc. is not responsible nor liable for any material that you or your family members may access.

10. Technical support does not include the repair of hardware, configuration of modems, or the installation of an operating system.

11. If any one or more of the terms in this agreement is found to be unenforceable or invalid, User's and Sofnet's agreement on all other terms shall not be affected.

12. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Missouri. Any claims or causes of action related to Sofnet must be institued within one (1) year after the claim or cause of action has arisen.

Explanation of Services

Account Usage - You may not share your account or use your account at the same time on more than one computer. You may use your account at work and at home provided you are logged on at different times. You may be charged for an additional account if our logs show that your account is logged on more than once at the same time, or at multiple locations. Safe guard your username and password.

Resale/Redistribution - You may not resell or redistribute your Sofnet account under any circumstances without the express written permission of Sofnet, Inc.

Unlimited Attended Usage - Dialup accounts are intended for attended usage. It is prohibited to configure your computer or software to maintain a connection when you are not using the service. If you need or require a full time connection to the Internet please consider a dedicated account. Sofnet reserves the right to charge for a dedicated account and/or terminate service when our logs show a continuous uninterrupted connection for periods greater than 24 hours on a regular basis.

Personal Web Page - It is strictly prohibited to use the personal web space provided with dialup accounts for commercial purposes. Doing so will result in being charged for a commercial page and/or termination of service.

E-mail Retention Policy - Sofnet servers will periodically purge (delete) new unread e-mails that are over 1 year old. E-mails in "Trash" and "SPAM" folders will be purged after 14 days.

E-mail Abuse - Unsolicited E-mail sent from our servers or your account(s) for the purpose of obtaining money or support is prohibited. Sofnet reserves the right to charge $.10 cents per each unsolicited E-mail and/or terminate service should your account be found in violation of this policy. You must agree not to send Unsolicited E-mail and agree to pay any and all fees determined by Sofnet, Inc. should you violate this policy.

Explanation of Billing - If you pay by credit card, each month or billing cycle your card will be charged without notice. If your card is refused (3 attempts are made), your service will be suspended and subject to a re-activation fee. You must notify our office if you wish to change billing to a different card and provide us a new expiration date when your current card expires.

You will receive your invoices 15 days in advance via E-mail. You can view your account status on-line at any time at A $20.00 fee is charged on all returned checks.

Any account that is unpaid after due will be deactivated and a $10.00 reactivation fee is charged to re-activate the account.

Technical Support - You may contact either the Monett or Joplin office for technical support during office hours. Technical support does not include help installing/replacing hardware including modems, configuration/operation of third-party services such as AOL or Compuserve, or the installation/re-installation of an operating system. Mac OS support will be limited to configuration information such as dialup-numbers, dns numbers, etc.

Modem Speed - Our service uses V.90/K56Flex high speed digital modems. Currently approximately 15% of phone lines in the Southwest Missouri area are capable of achieving these speeds, and Sofnet does not guarantee that you will connect to our service at any speed. Most users report 24,000 to 26,400 as the most common speed they connect 80% of the time. Some have reported connect speeds higher than 28,800. To use Sofnet service you must have a computer running Windows 3.1, 95, 98 or NT, with a working 14,400 or faster modem and a connection to a working phone line. All Internet Services are non-refundable and funds will not be refunded due to a failure of client's hardware or software.


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