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  • The computer you are dialing into is not answering
  • Computer keeps asking for the password again
  • When dialing you get message there is no dial tone
  • You have been disconnected from the computer you have dialed
  • How do I use FTP to upload my website?
  • How to get started on making your own website
  • Setting Sofnet email up in Outlook Express
  • How do I setup another Sofnet Email account?
  • How do I have the server automatically delete SPAM?
  • Why do I lose my connection after I send or receive email?
  • Setting Sofnet email up in Netscape
  • How Do I Disable Call Waiting?

    starThe computer you are dialing into is not answering

    Double click on My Computer

    Double click on Dial Up Networking

    Right click the Sofnet icon (or click on the Sofnet icon once, and click File – Properties)

    Click on Properties with the left mouse button

    On the General page, correct the phone number

    Make sure there is no check in "Use Country Code and Area Code"

    Click OK

    Double click on the Sofnet icon

    Click on Dialing Properties

    If there is an X in "This location has call waiting" make sure the disable code is correct

    If there are any numbers in "To dial an outside line" make sure they are correct and that the local access number is not in any boxes there.

    Click OK

    starIt's asking for the password again

    Make sure the username is typed in all in lowercase, with no at the end of it. Make sure caps lock is off when typing in the password.

    This can also be caused by having invoices that are more than 10 days past due.

    starThere is no dial tone

    Make sure the phone line that runs to the modem is receiving a dialtone with another phone. If there are two jacks on the back of modem, plug the phone line into the other jack and try again

    starYou have been disconnected from the computer you have dialed

    Click on Start, Settings, Control Panel

    Double click on Network

    Click on Dial Up Adapter, and then click properties

    Click on the Bindings tab

    Make sure TCP/IP is the ONLY thing checked

    Click OK

    Click on TCP/IP and click properties

    (Windows 98 will show a warning message, click ok.)

    Under the IP Address tab, you should have a dot in "Obtain an IP address automatically"

    Click on the WINS configuration tab at the top

    There should be a dot next to "Disable WINS Resolution"

    Click on the DNS configuration tab

    There should be a dot next to "Disable DNS"

    Click on OK

    Click Yes to restart the computer.

    When the computer has restarted, close the control panel and double click on My Computer on the desktop

    Double click on the Dial Up Networking folder. Right-click on Sofnet and select properties from the menu

    Verify the phone number is correct

    There should be NO check in "Use Country Code and Area Code When Dialing"

    Click on Server Types

    The Type of Dial Up Server should be set to "PPP: Windows 95, etc…"

    Under Advanced Options, you should have a check ONLY in "Enable Software Compression"

    Under Allowed Network Protocols, ONLY "TCP/IP" should be checked

    Click on the button for TCP/IP Settings

    At the top, you should have a dot in "Server Assigned IP Address"

    You should also have a dot next to 'Server Assigned Name Server Addresses'

    The Primary DNS & Secondary DNS should be left blank

    Both boxes at the bottom should be checked

    Click on OK

    If the computer is back to a General window showing the phone number, click OK.

    starHow Do I use FTP to upload my website? (using WSFTP)

    The first thing you will want to do is set up the program so it can connect to your web host. So, click on the "New" button to begin. You will then be able to fill in the information needed into the the proper fields. Here is the list of fields, and what you need to place in each one:

  • Profile Name: Type in a name you can remember later. I usually use my name and the name of the web server I want to connect to. In this case, I would be connecting to my ISP, which is named Sofnet.

  • Host Name/Address: This is a very important field. Normally your web host will tell you the address you need to use to connect to their server using ftp. The Address you will need to enter is If you are unsure, contact your web host to get the proper ftp address.

  • Host Type: This can almost always be left on Auto Detect. This will let the program figure it out on the fly, and configure itself accordingly. If this does not work, you will need to find out from your web host what Host Type they are using.

  • User ID: This is going to be your user name you use with Sofnet with tacked on.

  • Password: This would be your Sofnet password in all lower case.

  • Account: This is almost always left blank. I have never had to use it. If you do need it, you will need to contact your host for the information.

  • Comment: You can add your own comments and decriptions here if you wish. It is not a required field.

  • Anonymous You will only need to check this box if you are connecting to a host that allows anonymous ftp. In most cases, you will leave this box unchecked. It is usually used if you connect to a site that allows you access to download files only.

  • Save Pwd Check this box if you want the program to save your password, so you do not need to retype it each time you connect. If you feel safer, uncheck the box so anyone using the program would have to type the correct password to connect to the server.


    Finally, hit the "OK" button at the bottom. If everything is correct, you are online, and the server is not too busy, the program will connect to the web host.

    If you are not online, hit "OK", go connect to the internet, and return to the program. Hit the "Connect" button in the bottom left corner and you should see your profile window again. If not, use the drop down button to find the Profile Name you entered earlier. When you have your profile window back, hit "OK". Now you should be connected to your server!

    Now, look in the right frame at the listing of files. This is where you will see files for the "Remote Host", which will be your web server. You will see directories first, which have the little yellow folders to the left of the directory name. After that, you will see a list of files that are in the directory you are in.

    If only see a list of files with no directories, you are probably in the right place already. If you see a directory called "public_html" or "www" or something similar, you will need to double click on the directory name. You will now be in the directory that holds your files that people can see on the web.

    You may already have an "index.html" file here, or you may have nothing at all. Either way, you can start sending your files to yur server.

    To begin, go over to the left frame. This is a listing of the files on your computer. Now, you must navigate to the directory where you have the files you want to send. If you need to go up one directory, use the green arrow at the top of the file list. If you need to go to another drive (such as a disk drive), scroll to the bottom of the file names. You will then see a:\, d:\, etc. Select the drive you need to go to and double click it. You will now get a new list of directories and files. Just keep changing directories until you get to the right place, which will list the files you want to send.


    Ready to Upload!


    Now just select the file you wish to send, and click on the right arrow in the middle of the screen. This will send your file to the web server, and you will be able to go view it in your web browser!

    How do I make a website?

    Here are some links that are sure to help you learn how to make your own website.

    Html Goodies
    Lisa Explains All
    HTML Made Easy

    starHow do I setup another Sofnet Email account?

    You can either call our offices or email

    starHow do I have the server delete SPAM automatically?

    The Sofnet mail system provides automatic SPAM protection using technology from MailFoundry.

    Why do I lose my connection after I send or receive email?

    This is a simple setting in Outlook Express - to fix this problem open your Outlook Express.

    Click on "Tools" at the top of your Outlook Express

    Next click on "Options"

    This will bring up a new window and you will then need to click on the tab that says "Connections".

    You will see 2 options at the top. "Ask before switching dial up connections" and" Hang up after sending and receiving". If the, "Hang up after sending and receiving" option is checked, uncheck it this is what is causing the problem.

    Setting Sofnet email up in Netscape

  • Open Netscape from your desktop.
  • From the top menu bar you will want to choose "OPTIONS".
  • From this click on the "MAIL AND NEWS PREFERENCE TAB"
  • Now click on the "SERVERS TAB"
  • After "OUTGOING MAIL (SMTP) SERVER:" enter ""
  • After "INCOMING MAIL (POP3) SERVER:" enter ""
  • After "POP USER NAME" enter "your userid" Note: Version 2.x only has POP and not POP3
  • After "NEWS (NNTP) SERVER" enter ""
  • Click "APPLY" and then Click "OK"

  • star
    How Do I Disable Call Waiting?

  • From your desktop, double click on "My Computer"
  • Double click on "Dial-up Networking"
  • Double click on "Sofnet"
  • Click on "Dial Properties"
  • On this screen there will be a box to check to disable call waiting
  • Check the box and type " *70, " (no quotes) in the text box
  • This will only disable call waiting for the duration of your Internet call.


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